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I'm Diana, psychologist and personal development counsellor, graduate of the international bachelor's and master's program in Positive Psychology at Erasmus University Rotterdam, with professional experience in Romania and the Netherlands. At the same time, I am a psychotherapist in training within the Romanian Association of Integrative Psychotherapy.
My experience includes working with adults and adolescents who face difficulties of a psychological, emotional, family, relational and professional nature. I support my clients to explore and understand their lives and behaviours and feel joy when they discover themselves and succeed with the help of their own powers and abilities to create lives that make them happy.

My interest in psychology comes from my passion for meeting new places and people, and living and working in different countries and cultures I have had the opportunity to experience the diversity and uniqueness of people and I am grateful for the chance to learn something from every interaction.

I continue my path to development both personally and professionally, constantly following the new developments in my field of activity and participating in workshops, trainings, individual therapy sessions as well as in various intervention groups.

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